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Free Consultation

Our free consultation services provide the necessary support that you would need to take an important decision. Our team of health and travel experts will work hand in hand to plan your entire trip to India. As soon as we get your medical records and case details, we will forward them to one of our healthcare service providers in India. Here’s a list of our services.

Free Consulting
Comfortable, Safe & Cost-effective Services

GoIndiaMed provides exceptional services to its customers keeping in mind comfort, safety and cost-effectiveness. Our team of experts will help you to choose the right healthcare service provider in India based on your budget and needs.

Comprehensive Assistance

Our services include various aspects such as follow-up consultations, sightseeing, accommodation & transportation, airport pick-up & drop, visa assistance, & arrangements, etc. not only let you get connected with the best healthcare service provider in India but also track your progress.

Customized and Personalized Solutions

Part of our free consultation services is to offer customized and personalized solutions. Once we understand your requirements, we will offer a few options that you can always consult our team to get a better understanding and decide accordingly.

Travel & Accommodation Consultation

Apart from helping you select the best healthcare service provider in India for your needs, GoIndiaMed’s ground staff will choose the best travel methods & accommodation to stay at the time of consultation based on your budget & requirements.

Visa Processing

The Indian Government has a special quota of tourist visas that are specially designed for patients who seek treatment in India. The medical visa process to India is an important process wherein one cannot afford to make any mistakes. As online medical tourism facilitators, we understand the importance and need for obtaining a medical tourist visa as soon as possible. We have a team of experts who will help you to obtain your medical tourist visa.

visa processing
Travelling With A Known Person

When a person is traveling for medical treatment in another country, it is advisable to take someone along and India’s medical visa process allows you that flexibility. This not only makes the patient feel comfortable but will also help him/her during the stay in the hospital or the recovery period. We will also ensure that all the relevant documentation, payments, and other such procedures are done properly for uneventful traveling.

Informing Your Travel Expert Or Relationship Manager

GoIndiaMed has a team of travel experts who can guide you right from you leaving your country for treatment to reaching here. As an online medical tourism facilitator, we will also assign a relationship manager (RM) who will take care of you through all the stages of your stay here in India. If you need anything specific, you can let your RM know and he/she will see how to facilitate that for you.

Documents Needed For Medical Visa Process To India

A valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months or more.


Photocopies of the passport


Two passport size photographs.


Filled and Signed Visa application form.


Copy of the passport and photographs along with the form that is filled and signed by the person traveling with you.


Necessary recommendation letter on the letterhead of the healthcare provider and healthcare records.

visa process
Medical Match Making

Medical matchmaking is a process that helps patients to select the right healthcare service provider in India. We let our clients know about the various service providers that we collaborate with. This will help the patient to understand the different options available to them and decide which healthcare service provider they would like to opt for. The various services that fall under this process include:

Appointment Booking

We will book the appointment for you with your specialist well in advance so that you do not have to waste time waiting for one. As soon as you step into India, you will meet with your specialist and start your treatment as soon as possible. We will book the appointment for you based on the dates that you are comfortable with.

Online Consultancy

Our team of experts is always available online to help you make an informed decision. We offer a free analysis of the treatment/procedure suitable for you, help you to plan your trip according to your needs and the severity of your case, taking into consideration the severity of the medical condition and how soon it needs to be treated.

Language Assistance

Our language assistance specialists and translators are always on standby to help our non-native English-speaking clients. There are some hospitals that have in-house language assistance and translators. If you need a person fluent in your language, we can make the necessary arrangements for your entire stay.

Travel Arrangements

GoIndiaMed will make all the necessary travel and hotel arrangements in India. Even if you do not want to go for a customized package but want to avail a particular treatment, you can let us know and we will make the relevant arrangements. As an online medical tourism facilitation company, you can get in touch with us for anything and tell us exactly what you are looking for. The various services that come under travel arrangements include:

Our Medical Visa service will take the load off your shoulders and you do not have to worry about running around for your visa. We will let you know the formalities and documentation needed, fees, or payments associated with the visa arrangements well in advance and get your visa organized.

Medical Visa
Please Note

The prices mentioned in the quotation or estimate is not the final price. It is meant to give you an approximate idea of how much you would spend on your treatment and stay in India.


Right from your treatment including the travel and accommodation arrangements, our team will make it a point that you get the best. From the minute you give the green signal, our team will start working and help you plan your trip to India in a systematic manner.

The stay arrangements in India are amongst the major concerns many medical tourists have. From small budget hotels to even renting out properties, we have a wide range of accommodation options available for you. You can choose the kind of accommodation you want based on your budget, personal preferences, and the duration of your stay in India.

Clean & Hygienic

The accommodation facilities that we have are clean and located in safe locations. We also try our best to give you a place that is very close to the hospital so that you or your companion/family member travel the least.

Stay Arrangements

Depending on the duration of your stay in India, we will help you to make the necessary arrangements right from choosing a hotel or even renting a house/flat/room for a longer period, and all the formalities that go with it.

Wellness Resorts

We have partnered with some of the best wellness resorts in the county that have experts specialized in various wellness-oriented services and facilities. Who can also offer a wide range of customized packages and treatments for you.


Telemedicine is a special service that helps patients to get quality healthcare services even when they are in their home country. Medical professionals set up a virtual clinic so that patients can consult a doctor online. This service is also helpful for patients who cannot travel to a physical location like a clinic or hospital. It also helps to reduce the follow-up visits to the hospital or doctor.

In recent times, telemedicine has even helped to assist other doctors or healthcare professionals at the time of surgery. Through this service, an expert can guide the doctor in the home country itself at the time of the surgery with the latest and advanced techniques. Everything is planned well in advance to ensure that nothing goes wrong at the time of the surgery.

Benefits of Telemedicine In Medical Tourism

Telemedicine technology helps to provide the right clinical information to the concerned people. From healthcare providers to patients and even their loved ones, all benefit from this service. This service helps to cater to the post and pretreatment requirements, on-demand services, and emergencies as well. Some of the many benefits of telemedicine include:

Patients stand a better chance to the healthcare services and facilities.

Helps in handling complicated and complex medical cases and surgeries.

Useful to take a second opinion to understand the medical situation.

Reduces the waiting time of meeting a specialist especially during emergencies.

Ideal for people with mobility issues or even those who are recovering.

Assists in preparing the patient to understand the procedure or treatment opted.

Aids in reducing the financial costs of medical services to a bare minimum.

Provides better healthcare facilities/services for those living in under-developed rural areas/countries.

Beneficial for a remotely located patient to get better home healthcare services.

Ideal for patients having post-treatment queries and follow-ups on a real-time basis.

Medical Records Exchange

It can be very difficult to make a big decision especially when you are out of your comfort zone. The same is applicable to traveling for your medical needs. Many people often have the misconception that their trip will end up being more expensive. Thankfully, with the help of the internet and medical tourism, this problem is cared for. The Medical record exchange service helps to ensure smooth transfers of the documents from one healthcare service provider to another.

Medical Records Exchange
Medical Documentation and Transferring

This is known to be one of the most crucial processes which have to be done properly. We will transfer all the necessary documents to the concerned person/people in a systematic manner. As you go back home, all the documents will be handed over to your doctor and to you as well so that your further treatment can be carried out while you recover back to health. The services that come under this include:

Sending the patient’s updated healthcare records including any family history, medical allergies, or regular medicines being taken to various hospitals and doctors for evaluation.

Providing the necessary suggestions provided by the healthcare provider including the type of treatment/procedure recommended and the approximate cost.

Providing all the necessary information and costs regarding the visa arrangements as well as collecting the necessary documentation needed to get the visa.

Providing an overall estimate about the duration of the treatment, their stay in India, the number of days needed for their recovery, etc.

Helping them decide their travel plans within the country post-treatment along with whatever special arrangements that have to be made.

Mailing the itinerary on the basis of the availability of the medical personnel and the patient’s convenient time and date of travel.

Suggesting and assisting in taking decisions for arrangements related to staying like duration, type of additional facilities & services needed, etc.

Fixing the necessary appointments with the doctor, lab in healthcare facilities or services for the evaluations, further treatments, etc.

Second Opinion

It is always good to take a second opinion especially when it comes to your health. You can speak to one of our medical experts onboard to understand if the treatment options recommended for you are good or not. This service will help you to make an informed decision and plan your trip to India accordingly. We will forward all the updated reports and documents or suggestions of the previous health care service provider for a second opinion.

Affordable Packages

GoIndiaMed offers affordable and customized health and wellness packages for its clients, designed keeping in mind various factors and clients’ requirements. Our customized packages include Accommodation & Transportation Services, the cost of visa processing, flight booking, and other such services.

Affordable Packages
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